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Marketing Advice, Assessment and Planning - All businesses, however large or small, need a good plan which has a list of clear tasks, objectives and timescales.  A good plan can support your business in reaching its goals and a good marketing plan will run in parallel with your business plan.  It will enable key milestones to be met, improve customer communications and drive sales.

Marketing Audit and Assessment - In our experience, there’s no point in forward planning if you don’t know where you are now. 
We can provide a comprehensive Marketing Audit which takes into account all of your business activity, the market in which you operate and your previous marketing activities.  From this we can build a Marketing Plan.

Marketing Planning - Once we’ve taken stock of your current and past marketing activities, the market you operate within, your customers, competitors and unique product or service proposition, we can work with you to create an effective marketing plan.  This is a detailed, practical plan with timescales.

We will take the time to listen and understand your business and your market and from then on we can help as much or as little as you need; from an ad-hoc project and regular marketing support.  We work with you to identify the best ways that marketing can support your business needs.

For more information about any of the marketing services we offer call us on 01452 883 100 or email us at claire@beaconmarketingsolutions.co.uk